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Route description to Torvizcón

  • From Málaga

  • From the airport, follow Málaga/Motril, after Málaga, follow Motril. This is the A7 motorway.
  • Then take the motorway E902/A44 in the direction of Granada.
  • On the A44 take the exit Orgiva / Alpujarras.
  • You come out on the road to Orgiva, the A346, which continues in the A348. This road leads directly to Torvizcón.
  • From Granada

  • Take the E902/A44 in the direction of Motril.
  • Take the exit Lanjaron (164), this is the A348.
  • Follow this road towards Órgiva and after that to Torvizcón. You're staying on the A348, which leads directly to Torvizcón.

route to Torvizcón

Route description in Torvizcón

The best thing to do is to leave the car in the centre of the village and walk the rest.
  • Drive in to Torvizcón (turn right just after the bridge) and park anywhere in front of Muebles Hurtado, farmacia, Caja Granada. A little further on the road you will see the Spar.
  • Walk towards the Spar and take the first street to the left after the Spar.
  • Follow this road which is quite steep until you can't go any further (approx. 100 meter), here you will find a little wall with some trees and bushes behind it.
  • Turn right, not into the calle Garcia in, but straight up (just a little while).
  • After 10 meters you will see the gate of our house..

The house is in calle Tomillar 15, but the street sign of calle Tomillar is nowhere to be found on the route as descriped above and the house hasn't got a housenumber. But the house is easy to find with the aid of the description above and the map.

map Torvizcón
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route description